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I've decided to start a blog.  Are blogs still a thing?

November 14, 2020

I turned 40 this year.  When 2020 started I had a lot of plans.  New York, Portugal, sky diving, getting back into shape, maybe even finding a bit of love but you know what happened next. 

In March I left work with my laptop thinking we'd all be back in two weeks.  It's now 8 months later.  Since then, I've moved back home.  I still have a great job that I feel very lucky to have.  I know many people are struggling much more than I am.  

I'm starting this blog because I've always said to others and myself that I would write...BE a writer.  

I've called this The Late Bloomer because I have always felt that I come to things a bit later than most people.  And because I want to continue to hope that I will do something that will leave a mark in the world.  Create something that will remain after I'm gone.  That will prove that I existed and mattered. 

So this is me trying to do something.  I don't know if any of this will be any good or if people will want to read what I write but in the end, at least, I'm actually doing it. 

I will write fiction and non fiction.  I won't edit too much.  Let's see how it all goes. 

I hope it inspires or at least creates a mood.  


Here we go…

Oh right, I almost forgot...I'm Sylvie

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