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Resistance is futile

I didn’t follow the rules.

Oh, I almost did.

There was almost a wedding, kids, a house

(and then eventually there would have been a divorce)

I escaped. And with my freedom

I went out dancing.

I laughed loudly.

Nobody could resist me.

I created and destroyed things

I had beautiful and not so beautiful men.

New words were invented to express my freedom.

I traveled to new places far outside my sheltered reality.

Now unplugged from the Matrix I see the world.

It makes me a cynic and a romantic.

Who said these were mutually exclusive?

I still can’t quite dodge all the bullets but I feel I have dodged a few along the way.

When I was young I was good at following the rules.

Until I wasn’t.

Now I am old(er)

I’m not looking for a hive mind.

I want a collective of like minds.

I wonder how to recognize

Those roaming around this place with the intuition to





We are not all mad here but

I’m sure as hell happy I am. ?


Whooo R R u u ?

R R u ?

R R u ?

R r R u

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