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Nothing in particular

Writing about not writing

Feeling guilty



What’s your hustle?

Have you monetized your hobby yet?

I don’t have any hobbies.

Can’t equate my worth to my productivity

I suspect laziness

Nobody ever remembers who finished second

We continue to spin on this axis.

A dollar.

A dollar.

A dollar.

Time is money.

“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.”

That’s what he said.

Make myself another coffee.

Not able to focus long enough to read a book.

Don’t want to experience the slightest new thing

Seems like a waste of time

Waste my time someone please

There’s loneliness creeping in again.


Feel guilty about being lonely.

The excuse is the pandemic

The truth is terror

What happens to your body when you haven’t been touched for more than

1000 days?

What happens to your heart?

Made coffee, used the last of the milk.

I need to go out.

I need to shower.

I need to vacuum.

I need to do laundry.

I need to


I’ve decided to dance.

Dance like no one is watching

but post it on Instagram so that maybe someone will.

Maybe some day some one person will be a witness to my life.

For now, my “followers” have to be

You can think I’m basic or you can think I’m delightful

It depends how closely you pay attention

But let me let you in on a little secret.

(whispers) i’m incandescent.

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